Starbucks Planner 2018 is finally here!

We are all excited for Starbucks planner 2018!


Finally, the planner that we are all waiting for is finally here! We’ve been very excited about this and we can’t wait to blog about it! Are you ready?

starbucks planner 2018

Starbucks planner 2018 has two different styles and colors inspired by the Kape Vinta Card. These two planners in green and blue and the other in earthly orange, have removable leather cases for a more sophisticated and sleeker look.

You can also find cute and pretty rulers and calendar shaped like the Starbucks cup! The planner has a monthly and weekly log perfect for your meetings and don’t-forget-occasions!

starbucks planner 2018

starbucks planner 2018

If you want to grab these pretty planners, the start of Starbucks stickers collection is on November 2! And you need to accumulate 9 stickers from Starbucks holidays drinks and another 9 from Starbucks Core Handcrafted Beverage of your choice except for bottled beverages.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photos from Starbucks Philippines