5 Food Parks in Marikina You Need to Visit Now

You can never say 'No' to these food parks in Marikina!


These food parks in Marikina will definitely leave you wanting and craving for more! Aside from the mouth-watering food choices, these food parks offers the hippest and happiest places that will surely satisfy not just your cravings but your heart as well!

So, ready your tummy and camera for these five (5) food parks in Marikina that you need to visit now with your family and friends!

Marikina Food Parks

1. Crave Park Marikina

Crave Park, an instagram-worthy haven, has 25 stalls which will definitely satisfy all your cravings!

This food park aims to be a haven for food lovers and creative minds who appreciate quality, value and comfort when it comes to dining.

Whether you’re an art lover or a food lover, you are definitely welcome here!

food parks in marikina

food parks in marikina

Crave Park Food Parks in Marikina
Family Platter – 2 Louisiana Barbecue, 2 Original Blend Fried Chickens with Coleslaw and rice from Track Bites

2. Marikina Eat Street Food Park

Aside from offering a wide array of gastronomical delights, Marikina Eat Street Food Park have it’s homey vibes that is perfect for family and friends. This place is good after a long tiring work week! Good place, good vibe, and great people.

food parks in marikina

food parks in marikina

food parks in marikina
Buffalo Wings? Visit BRAW Barn at Marikina Eat Street Food Park!


3. Carnival Food Park

With its goal of making our food park experience more fun, Carnival Food Park boasts a lot of instagrammable spots and *wink* food! This food park offers a wide array of food choices that will surely suit your cravings in a very affordable price.

Marikina Food Parks

carnival marikina food parks carnival marikina food parks

4. The Truck Park

The Truck Park is not your ordinary food park in Marikina! Whether you’re a millennial, one of the batang 90’s, or if you are looking for big space for your whole family, you need to include this food park on your list!

One interesting thing about The Truck Park is that you won’t feel like you’re in a third world country because of their ‘tap card’. This refundable card is convenient for both customers and stalls because they just need to present their card like a real money! Super convenient!

Marikina Food Parks

food parks in marikina marikina food parks

5. Tableria Food Park

And, here’s another newly-opened food park in Marikina, Tableria Food Park! If you want to just relax, let this food park serenade you to its soulful music while indulging your favorite comfort food.

Marikina Food Parks

marikina food parks

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Photos are grabbed with permission in food parks’ respective Facebook pages